Trucks are on the rise, outselling cars for the first time ever this April. There are so many styles of trucks, for all kinds of uses. From off-road pick-up trucks to family sized trucks for a great day out, there are trucks to suit every need. These awesome new trucks in the works will excite and entertain even the toughest critics. Check out our top 5 trucks of the future. If you are in the market for a new truck or prefer to hire visit TR Group.

The order of these trucks is random, each has it’s own benefits and innovative new features.

Ford F-150

Release Date: Late 2020

 Predicted Price Range: $30,000 – $70,000

The Ford F-150 is not a completely new type, but the 2020 model has a lot to look forward to. The dashboard has been upgraded in higher trims to include a huge touch screen for information and entertainment, and fully digital instrument panel with digital speedometer. It is available in V8 gas, V6 diesel or as of this year hybrid 3.5L gas (V6) and electric engine.

The 2020 F-150 also comes in a range of 14 colour options. Featuring great names like Abyss Gray, Star White, Magma Red and Lead Foot (which is a dark green colour).

The 2020 version of this truck features a hybrid powertrain. Ford is rolling out fully electric trucks though, and the 2022 version of the F-150 is expected to be fully electric. So, if you’re holding out for the electric version it’s not too far away either.

Ram Dakota

Release Date: Early 2021

Predicted Price Range: $21,000 – $45,000

The Ram Dakota was last produced in 2011 and has not been renewed since, until now. The renewal is sparked by the recent popularity of the similar Chevrolet Colorado pick up. This is the first mid-sized truck for Ram. They set their sights on entering the very competitive mid-sized pick up market, with all other US manufacturers already producing mid-sized trucks.

Features as rumored to include a decent sized tablet style infotainment screen, similar interior design as the Ram 1500 and lots of size options available. Ram is said to be planning both single and quad cab options for this truck, and short and long pick up beds. There will also be three fuel options, diesel, gas and a hybrid powertrain option available.

GMT Hummer (SUV and SUT versions)

Release Date: Autumn 2021

Predicted Price Range: Approx. $70,000

The Hummer has always been a well  known and popular truck. The 2021 model is full sized, fully electric (BEV3) and packs a powerful punch with up to 1000 horse power. Not only will this be available in standard SUV but also a new SUT (Sport Utility Truck) version.

The 2021 Hummer will feature the expected Hummer Braun with boxed squared off edges and an upright windscreen, and man sized steering wheel and gears. You will be able to choose from long or short wheel base options, it’ll have independent adjustable suspension, and huge tires perfect for off-roading. The truck also boasts a front trunk big enough to store the removable targa top. With the new fully electric model you’ll be able to enjoy a powerful drive, impress your friends, and not spend too much on fuel, no compromises.

Chevrolet Silverado EV

Release Date: 2025

Predicted Price Range: Around $60,000

The Silverado is easily one of the most popular, highly talked about trucks currently in the market. There is not much known about the newest 2025 version yet but we expect great things. A name has not yet been confirmed, and they may opt for a different model type altogether other than the Silverado, but it should be similar to the very popular truck.

What is known though, is that there will be a full sized, fully electric pick up truck using the current BEV3 engine and Ultium rapid charge batteries. There is talk of it featuring a large 18-inch screen at the front and dark leather trims available at higher levels.

Similar to the new Hummer it is likely to offer a variety of choices of battery packs and motors, which could increase or decrease the price and power. We can’t wait to hear more information later this year about this exciting new truck from Chevrolet.

Tesla Cybertruck

Release Date: Early 2022

Set Prices: Single Motor ($39,900), Double ($49,900) or Triple Motor ($69,900)

We have saved the most futuristic for last. This truck hardly looks real, but it is. It looks more compact than other trucks but you’d be pleasantly surprised what fits inside. What’s different about this truck aside from the visual style, is that unlike other trucks with sheet metal stamped to the right shape and size, the Cybertruck has 3mm thick stainless steel which is bent into shape around the truck. This has been called the Hummer for Millennials.

The truck has a 6.5 foot bed, front and back trunk for storage and extra storage areas fitted into it’s bed buttresses. Tesla states that it can travel 800kms on a single charge, perfect for road trips, and boasting an awesome 6 seats inside, plenty of room for everyone.